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At this time none of the cased sets on this page are for sale.  They are displayed for information purposes to illustrate the collect-ability of these firearms

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1860 Army Brass Engraved Tucker & Sherrard Cased Set 1851 Army Nickel With Laminated Grips Cased Set
CVA Case for 1849 Wells Fargo Brass 1849 Wells Fargo Brass Cased Remington-Beals Cased Set Lyman
SchneiderGlassickHighStandardKnifeCase.jpg (37201 bytes)
Schneider & Glassick Pistol & Knife Cased Set High Standard Schneider & Glassick-Knife Set Display Case  1860 Army Engraved Cased Set
Ruger Old Army With Brass Backstrap & Trigger Guard Cased Set Ruger Old Army Stainless Cased Set

1860 Army Pietta Presentation Set Double Gun with Shoulder Stock Engraved

1860 Army Factory Cased Set-Case Replica Arms  El Paso, Texas 1860 Army Factory Cased Set Replica Arms El Paso Texas 1860 Army Centennial Arms, Chicago Original Box with Original Gun and Receipt