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At this time none of the cased sets on this page are for sale.  They are displayed for information purposes to illustrate the collect-ability of these firearms

Pictures-Cased Sets

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Lemat Army Cased .jpg (37359 bytes)

1860 Army Engraved
Cased With Shoulder Stock
Lemat Army Cased 1858 Remington New Army
Full Fluted Cylinder

1858 Remington New Army
Stainless Cased Pietta
Tucker & Shepard Dragoon
Gold Filled Engraving
1847 Walker Engraved
Cased Set

Texas Paterson Cased Set 1861 Navy Sheriff
Cased Set Consecutive Serial #
Baby Dragoon Polished Double
Cased Set Consecutive Serial #

Navy Arms 1858 Remington New Army Engraved Cased Set 1861 Navy Sheriff
Brass & Nickel Engraved Cased
Texas Paterson In-White
Engraved Cased Set