World's Largest Collection of Replica Percussion Revolvers

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Guinness Book of World Records  Entry Pending


This collection was started in 1992 by Dr. Jim L. Davis.  Dr. Davis has been an active collector literally from the age of seven years old.  His interest started with collecting toy guns and cap pistols.  This interest in firearms was enhanced by World War II (WWII) and the armament that a youth of seven was exposed to, and by demonstrations put on by the military in its War Bond sales drives.  Also, during this period of time any boy was free to purchase firearms, both BB guns and Cartridge guns.  Dr. Davis, at age nine, first had an old Stevens Favorite single shot .22cal. rifle.  The extractor was broken so after each shot the spent shell had to be extracted with a pair of needle nose pliers.  This procedure of firing, extracting shell with the pliers, and loading a new shot became a very rapid process.  At age eleven he found a Mossberg Model 46B at the local Western Auto Store two blocks from his home.  This store was a kid's hangout for bicycle parts and dress up accessories.  The price of the rifle was $10.00, an enormous price for a eleven year old in 1945.  The owner of the store, without telling Jim, would tell prospective buyers that the rifle was on hold.  Dr. Davis was able to earn the $10.00 in a few months and bought the rifle.  The store owner also threw in a box of .22cal. Long Rifle shells.  Those wonderful days are now long gone when a kid had the freedom to own his own firearm.  During WWII most high schools had Army ROTC programs that were required for all male students.  Every high school had a rifle range in the basement and all candidates were required to qualify with a .22cal. rifle.  Even the girls could shoot if they desired as a PE class.  

In 1960 Dr. Davis, upon discharge from the U. S. Army, became a high school teacher teaching Advanced Algebra, Wood Shop, and Drafting.  He was shooting in .45cal. Hardball matches at the Dallas Pistol & Revolver Club at this time and admired the fancy, tuned up 1911A1 used by some of the advanced shooters.  The price of one of these was prohibitive for a high school teacher making only $3600 a year.  He did not want to convert his Colt 1911A1 because he was still competing in Hard Ball matches.  Val Forgett had started an import firearms company called Service Armament, importing surplus military rifles and pistols.  He was offering Colt Model 1911 surplus pistols for $19.95.  Dr. Davis purchased five of these.  The idea being that if he screwed up one he would have another to try again.  When the pistols arrived there was a huge letdown.  None of the guns were Model 1911A1 parkerized military issue, but all were Colt Model 1911 WWI vintage pistols that looked like an outhouse product.  However, upon cleaning the pistols, every one turned out to be in Mint Condition.  They were covered with British Proof Marks.  One was not .45cal. but some .455 Ely caliber.  Two others had R.A.F. acceptance marks.  These pistols were lend lease fireams sent to Great Britain as part of our Lend Lease program during WWII.  The collector bug bit and Dr. Davis ended up with a collection of 125 different variations of the Model 1911-1911A1 pistol.  This collection included the North America made in Canada, the Singer, UMC, Russian Contract and one of the most rare, the Egypian Contract of only twenty two pistols.  The appraised value of this collection today would be $750,000 .

This collection was later followed by a collection of over 145 Military and Assault rifles in the 1980's.  Many of these were Class III Full Auto both pistols and rifles.  This collection was liquidated in the early 1990's.  In 1992 Dr. Davis acquired his first replica percussion revolver.  It was a Lyman Remington Beals Model.  This was followed by a Remington New Model Army by Pietta from Cabela's.  He quickly realized that these revolvers were a bonanza as a collectable firearm.  These revolvers did not require an FFL, and there were many different models and variations available to build a collection.  The prices were low in comparison to other firearms.  However, there was no literature to act as a guide for a potential collector.  The collector bug bit really hard this time and the quest was on for both firearms and information.  This Collection is the result of nearly twenty years of research and collecting.






The Beginnings of the Collection


Colorado_Collectors_Assoc_Gun_Show.jpg (83730 bytes)

Collection_Display.jpg (52239 bytes)

First Display at Colorado Arms Collectors Association

The Collection grows

BP Collection 2.jpg (50556 bytes)

New in Box and Cased




RPRCA Museum Claremore, Oklahoma


2 (Museum Front2).JPG (80446 bytes)

3 (Enter Museum).jpg (89043 bytes)

Store Front - Historic Building was originally a Hotel-Brothal

First view as you enter

4-TableDisplay-Pipes.jpg (94497 bytes) 5-TableDisplay-Pipes2.jpg (82102 bytes)

Handcrafted Freehand Pipes

Hand Carved Togacco Pipes

6 (1st Counter-Pipes).jpg (97136 bytes)

7 (2nd Counter-Pipes).jpg (86223 bytes)

8 (3rd Counter-Pipes).jpg (84051 bytes)

Meerchum Tobacco Pipes 1st Case

Meerchum Tobacco Pipes 2nd Case

Tobacco Pipes 3rd Case

9 (Front Entry 2).JPG (85697 bytes)

13 (Display 1-3).jpg (85879 bytes)

14 (Display 4-5).jpg (77008 bytes)

Both Wall and Display Cases

Panels with Walkers, Dragoons, 1851 Navys, and 1860 Armys

Panels with 1861 Navys, and Remingtons

15 (Display 6-7).jpg (77329 bytes)

16 (Display 8).jpg (87160 bytes)

17 (Display 9-10).jpg (104492 bytes)

Panels with Starr, Whitney, Rogers & Spencer, and Confederate Revolvers

Panels with Non-Historic Brass Frame Remingtons and Colts

Panel with Ruger Old Army and other Non-Historic Revolvers

12 (Cased Sets).jpg (117507 bytes)

18 (Back to Front).jpg (93288 bytes)

Toward Front.jpg (77026 bytes)

Cased Sets

View of Museum Back to Front

View of Museum from Back




Current Collection


boxed-1.jpg (282466 bytes)

boxed-2.jpg (342053 bytes)

BoxedDance.jpg (345530 bytes)

New in Box Specimens

More New in Box Specimens - Cased Sets on Right

New in Box Dance Brothers Revolvers - High Standard on upper Shelf - Single Revolvers on Right

cased-1.jpg (222814 bytes)

cased-2.jpg (245205 bytes)

cased-3.jpg (211610 bytes)

Cased Sets - First Case on top shelf is Navy Arms 1851 Navy Prototyp # 1

Cased Sets on to shelf are Remington's With Colts on second shelf.

Cased Set on right are 1838 Patersons, 1847 Walkers, and Witloe Remingtons  Bottom shelf are Commemoratives.

cased-5.jpg (289536 bytes)

cased-6.jpg (163620 bytes)

row-2.jpg (175528 bytes)

Cased Sets on top shelf are Confederate and 1851 Navy

Cased Sets on middle shelf are 1860 Army, 1861 Navy and bottom shelf are Baby Dragoons, Dragoons, etc.

Cased Sets on right are 1847 Walkers, on left Remington and Colts

HighStandard.jpg (256887 bytes)

row-1.jpg (240627 bytes)

single.jpg (273840 bytes)

High Standard on top shelf

Single Revolvers and Wall Panels

Single Revolvers and Wall Panels

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LgFrameBabyDragoons.jpg (285490 bytes)

Display1861Navy.jpg (38887 bytes)

Wall Panels 1851 Navy & 1860 Army

Wall Panels 1838 Paterson, 1847 Walkers, Dragoons

Wall Panels 1861 Navy

RemingtonPanel.jpg (234249 bytes)

ConfederatePanel.jpg (257240 bytes)

NonHistoric.jpg (288546 bytes)

Wall Panels Remington New Model 

Wall Panels Confederate Revolvers

Wall Panels Remington Brass Frame

NonHistoric2.jpg (294219 bytes)

Wall Panels Non-Historic

Research Library

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books-2.jpg (301276 bytes)

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books-4.jpg (264177 bytes)

drawer-1.jpg (252838 bytes)

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William B. Edwards Research Notes.jpg (280791 bytes)

William B. Edwards personal research notes entrusted to RPRCA Ltd. by Virginia Davis Edwards