Replica Models

Historically Non-Authentic

These are replicas of various manufacturers and models that do not represent original, standard production models. This is not to say, however, that special order or custom pieces could not have been produced.  More information is needed in this area.  These firearms represent a possible collectable area in itself.

48BabyDragoonBrass4inLL.jpg (29988 bytes)

48BabyDragoonBrass6inLL.jpg (25390 bytes)

1848 Baby Dragoon Brass 4"

1848 Baby Dragoon Brass 6"

48BabyDragoonBrassEngrav6inLL.jpg (35411 bytes)

1848 Baby Dragoon Brass 6" Brass Engraved

Wells Fargo Brass

1851 Army 2nd Model Square Back Trigger Guard  .44cal.*

1851 Army  Steel Frame, Brass Trigger Guard & Back Strap, Engraved Rebated Cylinder  .44cal.  71/2" Barrel

1851 Navy Colt Stainless Steel 2nd 
Generation  .36cal.  7 1/2"  Barrel

1851 Army Nickel,  Plain Rebated Cylinder  .44cal.  7 1/2" Barrel

1851 Navy Sheriff Model.  Polished Stainless Steel  5" Barrel, .36Cal.

1851 Army Sheriff Model.  Brass Trigger Guard & Back Strap, Rebated Engraved Cylinder  .44cal.  5" Barrel

1851 Army Sheriff Model Stainless Steel, Engraved, Half Fluted Rebated Cylinder  .44cal.  5" Barrel

1851 Army Sheriff Model .44Cal.

1851 Army Buntline Target Model  .44Cal.

1851 Army Buntline .44cal.*

1860 Army Brass

1860 Army Brass Half Fluted Cylinder

1860 Army Stainless
61NavyHalfFlutedBrass.JPG (69680 bytes)

1861 Navy Sheriff Brass Frame Half Fluted Cylinder

1862 Police Brass

Schneider & Glassick .44cal.

Schneider & Glassick Buntline  .44cal. Schneider & Glassick Carbine  Half Fluted Cylinder  .44Cal.

Griswold & Gunnison .44cal

Griswold & Gunnison Sheriff Model,  .44cal.  5" Barrel

Griswold & Gunnison Sheriff .44cal Kit Made 

Ruger Old Army Brass Backstrap & Trigger Guard Ruger Old Army Ruger Old Army Stainless

*Since Colt did not originally make a 1851 Navy in .44 cal. these guns will be designated as 1851 Army Models